The Nifty Harp Project C.I.C.

Launching at The Edinburgh International Harp Festival – 5th to the 10th April 2019

Affordable Starter Harps.

A not-for-profit Community Interest Company, The Nifty Harp Project C.I.C. has been established with the aim of increasing the number of new players of the Scottish small harp.  The Wee Nifty Harp is an inexpensive 27-string starter instrument, from acclaimed professional harp maker Mark Norris, that uses innovative design techniques to achieve affordability without compromising playability. 

Professional harps are beautiful, hand crafted instruments that, by the very nature of their construction and materials used, are expensive to buy. The outlay required to buy one, when just starting to learn, will often put new players off before they have a chance to get going.  For the same reason hire harps are in short supply, which can also be frustrating for students as they try to find an affordable instrument suitable for learning to play.

By producing large enough numbers of highly competent and affordable instruments, The Nifty Harp Project will enable teachers to use identical instruments when teaching groups of students. Interested new players will then be able to hire or buy a Wee Nifty Harp direct from the project to maintain continuity as they learn.  

Nifty Hire Hubs for teachers:

Initially four Nifty Hire Hubs, each with 10 harps, will be placed in locations around Scotland. A simple booking system on will enable teachers and school music departments, registered with The Nifty Harp Project C.I.C., to hire them in groups of 5 or 10 for starter classes, come and try sessions and ongoing group tuition. Access to downloadable poster and flyer artworks that can adapted to their requirements will also help to make event organisation just that little bit easier

Direct Hire for students:

The Nifty Harp Project will maintain a stock of The Wee Nifty Harps specifically to satisfy this demand for hire harps. After attending a teacher led taster session, enthusiastic new players will now be able to quickly obtain a Wee Nifty Harp at an affordable rate direct from the project.


The website will be where to go to hire or buy a Wee Nifty Harp and access additional resources designed to help teachers and players, registered with The Nifty Harp Project, feel part of a thriving learning and sharing community. Music arrangements, specially commissioned for The Wee Nifty Harp, audio tracks, videos and advice on playing techniques forming the basis of a growing resource.

Collaboration with professional musicians and harp teachers will be key to enabling The Nifty Harp Project to grow into a vibrant and supportive community of new players.  By making starter harps more accessible and affordable for teachers and new players, we aim to do our part in helping to increase the number of players of the Scottish small harp.